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Real Networking
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A safe but energetic space
What service do you provide: Copywriting and writing coaching

Linda and Mette have worked very hard on building this community and you can tell. There is a strong ethos of collaboration and cooperation over competition in an atmosphere where friendships and partnerships are born and nourished. I've always found the speakers helpful and the venues are welcoming.

I'm very choosy about the networking groups that I attend these days but this one is a regular in my diary. It's a safe space where I don't feel like I'm going to be intimidated or spoken over. There's no pressure and no one is going to press me into making referrals or buying a service I don't need. It's perfect for a serious but empathetic businessperson like me.

Love networking
What service do you provide: Sittingsuits

Real Networking was the first networking group I attended after starting my business. I did not know what to expect, to be fair I was really hesitant and somewhat nervous. However I was welcomed with open arms. It's a really relaxed and welcoming community of like-minded folks. The support I find is the biggest value and incredible. However importantly too business will derive from attending, slowly but steady. It is true that together we can do more. 5 stars 100% 😀

Great meeting this morning!
What service do you provide: Business Coaching and Support

I just want to say what a truly wonderful meeting this morning in Chertsey, expertly hosted by Linda Hopkins. It was like you did this F2F just yesterday rather than over a year ago. Properly seamless!! Today was like a Real Networking reunion. Lots of 'old' faces and lots of shiny new ones too. I had literally the best conversations and connections I've had in ages. Might even be able to convert a prospect to being a client after months of fruitless online effort. Plus I was able to thank someone else who referred me a client last year and who I'm still working with today on a good monthly retainer. Plus soooo many others!! What you do for local business owners to connect and collaborate is wonderful. So thank you again!!

 by Jen Roach
Professional & Supportive
What service do you provide: Cooking School

Over the last 4 years, the Real Networking group has been key to helping me grow my business and Mette & Linda are particularly good at making everyone feel valued and part of the group, which explains why it has over 1,800 group members! There's a real culture of spreading the word and inviting new people to join and it's very inclusive.

What service do you provide: I crochet gifts

This was the first time I've ever done anything like this and I was initially very nervous but that changed as soon as I logged on. This is a wonderful community and I had an amazing time networking with other businesses. Thank you so much for your advice and support.

Fantastic, made very welcome
What service do you provide: Tax and Accounts

Many thanks for the opportunity to join your group recently. Absolutely excellent, enjoyed it immensely. Have experienced a number of different networking groups in the past but none were as friendly, welcoming or inclusive as yours. I particularly enjoyed the 6 minute breakout sessions, what a great way to meet new people and learn about their business, amazing how quickly the 6 minutes passed!! Look forward to making more contacts in future.

Warm, friendly & supportive
What service do you provide: Eco-friendly Skincare Solutions

From the moment I walked into my first Real Networking meeting, I felt welcomed and part of the group. It is such a diverse group, with many different small business owners attending, that I have made so many different contacts for both my business and personal worlds. Everyone is incredibly supportive of each other and there is the opportunity to showcase what you do as well as having a jolly good chinwag with like minded people. I absolutely love the meetings and always come away on a high. The zoom meetings during lockdown have been fabulous too, although I can't wait to be back in the room!

A network you want to join and belong
What service do you provide: Property Consultant

I enjoy Real Networking for many reasons and choose to be an ambassador for the following reasons: the timing of the events, the choice of locations, the presentations, the friendliness and support. There is great support for the individuals and the diversity of the businesses, which I believe is key to the unity of the group. And I learn something from someone, each meeting.

Linda and Mette keep it real
What service do you provide: Copywriter and Writing Coach

I love this group and I've been coming along (both in-person and via Zoom) for over a year. It's the right balance of no-nonsense and friendly support and I've made some great friends and met some really useful business contacts (happily one and the same person very often). Mette and Linda are amazing hosts and I can't wait to visit some of the other groups when things open up again.

Real people, real connections, real learning
What service do you provide: Relationship Coach

The Real Networking team have created friendly, down-to-earth, well-paced networking events, both in-person and online events. I have made lasting connections and learn something valuable from every talk. As a speaker they make the process clear, easy and welcoming. I recommend their events to new and experienced business owners alike.

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